I'm a software engineer who has been programming since 2010. I'm recently proud of the work I did making a customizable multi-tenant application with components for the site and customization tool UI automatically generated from the customization schema.

I have been using Python and TypeScript the most recently, but I am excited about learning and using new programming languages and frameworks.

I received a full scholarship to attend university and I was eligible to graduate with a degree in Computer Science after just two years, but I decided to spend a year abroad studying mathematics.

I am a native English speaker and I have been learning Chinese while living in Taiwan for the past few years. I passed the TOCFL Band C Level 5 test for Chinese listening.


Pathfinder Damage Calculator

Pathfinder Damage Calculator

Calculate and graph the results of different attack routines in the Pathfinder role-playing game. It computes a full probability distibution of damage while progressing through user determined descision trees depepending on the outcomes of previous attacks.

This tool currently has over 100 users a month as it provides an easy way to input and display the effectivness of various options.




Material UI

Other Projects

Personal Webpage

A website to act as a portfolio.

I wanted to try out structuring a website with Next instead of React Router, but now that this is a single page portfolio that seems a bit excessive.



Tailwind CSS


Nested lists with drag and drop reorganization.

I wanted a way to hierarchically organize notes, and the drag and drop feature is key to reorganizing them. But I stopped development on this because the gains from the hierarchical representation are not work extra hassle added to creating and editing notes.



Vipkid Service Fee Calculator

A tool to calculate service fee income for Vipkid teachers.

VIPKid changed to a progressive bonus structure which was complicated to calculate by hand, so I built this tool to allow teachers to easily see how much money they would make.



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